Our Block Print Textiles

History and process of block printing quilts:

The artistry of block printing began in the 18th century in Rajasthan. The finest contemporary block printing is still found in Rajasthan. Popular because it can create intricate design, dimension and texture in rich and vibrant colors.

Each block is handmade from seasoned teak wood by skilled artisans and then layered with ink and pressed into breathable cotton fiber.

Sand dollar block for priniting
Block Printiong process being demonstrated

Each impression is based upon the natural talents of the printer, so we consider every product a unique piece of art.

In an eco friendly approach, each of our quilts are filled with natural cotton. Our breathable cotton is what makes these quilts so warm. Our quilts have several layers of very thin and pure cotton evenly distributed throughout. Once the filling is evenly distributed, the material is quilted by hand, adding an aesthetically pleasing texture and versatile design.

The sewing process
Man using block printing technique

Suchira’s celebrates the art of Indian Block Printing, while bringing you original designs on quality material.