Antique Lace Quilt



Inspired by the flowers of the Mughal Gardens, this neutral palette of soft tones including gold, green, and grey refines any space. An elevated and modern take on a classic lace pattern and design. This collection is timeless and multigenerational, available in Queen and King size Duvet in addition to our cotton Quilts.


The ancient technique of Block Printing is a cultural mainstay throughout India. Suchiras works with highly skilled artisans bringing our modern designs to life on breathable cotton. Each quilt is a work of art, with a unique print on either side. Suchiras focuses on the details that set us apart. Each piece is trimmed with an angled bias, an aesthetically pleasing design quality. Every piece is hand printed and hand quilted. We tailor the quilting according to the print, using circular and triangular quilting methods depending on the look of each print. Our shades and color ways are curated throughout our entire brand. You can freely mix and match between our collections and patterns and feel confident that all of your pieces from Suchiras will complement each other and come together as if part of the same beautiful puzzle that you design.


In an eco-friendly approach, each of our quilts are filled with natural cotton fibers. Our breathable cotton is what makes these quilts so warm. Our quilts have several layers of very thin and pure cotton evenly distributed throughout. Once the filling is evenly distributed, the quilt is stitched together by hand, adding an aesthetically pleasing texture and versatile design. Suchiras celebrates the art of Indian Block Printing, while bringing you original designs on 100% cotton.

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