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  • Antique Lace Quilt


    Our Antique Lace design is inspired by the flowers of the Mughal gardens. We chose a neutral palette of soft grey and beige colors to complement the décor of just about any room. 100% Cotton Voile with Cotton Batting.

  • Blue Ikat Quilt


    The hazy, subtly imperfect lines of these graphic prints are inspired by traditional resist-dyed ikat patterns which are the source of our Blue Ikat design. 100% Cotton Voile with Cotton Batting.

  • CeCe Bloom Quilt


    Sweet, but sophisticated, the fresh pink and mulberry hues add a feminine touch to any room. 100% Cotton Voile with Cotton Batting.

  • Cherry Blossom Quilt


    Our Cherry Blossom design is inspired by the peak bloom period, which lasts for only a few days each year. The grey and white color palette complements the soft lines and shapes of the collection. 100% Cotton Voile with Cotton Batting.

  • Elephant Parade Quilt


    Elephant Parade is a charming repeat design of small elephants walking in a line across the print. The neutral navy and grey tones complement several of our existing designs; the reverse side of the quilt exhibits the same elephant motif in the opposite colors. Perfect as an accent piece with one of our other patterns, or on its own.

  • Herring Run Quilt


    The Herring Run design was inspired by the annual spring migration of the herring, from the ocean up the streams of the Cape. The fish return to the same fresh water ponds where they began life, and the cycle begins again. The light blue and white colors will complement or brighten any coastal bedroom. 100% Cotton Voile with Cotton Batting.

  • Ishaan’s Way Quilt


    Ishaan’s Way is a neutral design suited to either a masculine or feminine décor. The soft beige, grey, and cream colors accentuate the grid-like monochromatic pattern of the quilt. 100% Cotton Voile with Cotton Batting.

  • Kieran’s School Quilt


    This pattern was created by the children in my nephew Kieran's school as a project to share the ancient tradition of Indian block printing with an American elementary school. What began as a process of selecting a few student designs to be integrated into a quilt resulted in numerous outstanding entries. So much effort and enthusiasm had been put into the entries that eventually forty four were chosen for inclusion.

  • Kieran’s Zoo Quilt


    An interlocking arrangement of giraffes and zebras is rendered in bright colors and a striking pattern for our first official children’s design. Fun for children of all ages!

  • Madhubani Quilt


    Madhubani is a form of painting practiced in the Indian State of Bihar and in the Terai region of Nepal. It is characterized by fine lines drawn using fingers, twigs, brushes and matchsticks. Natural dyes and pigments are used to create striking geometric patterns. Our design uses hand carved block prints to recreate on textiles the unique style of this type of painting.

  • Malini Quilt


    Malini is a beautiful muted Grey and chartruse pattern that will add a fun complement to any room.

  • Maritime Wave Quilt


    Maritime wave is another Cape inspired design. When the tide recedes, it leaves a beautiful pattern in the sand which provided the inspiration for the graceful flowing lines of this print. 100% Cotton Voile with Cotton Batting.

  • Mirva Quilt


    Mirva’s Collection is a soft paisley pattern in grey and lilac hues.

  • Misty Sand Dollar Accent Quilt

    This design was inspired by our family tradition of searching for sand dollars on the beaches of Cape Cod. A companion quilt to the Misty Sand Dollar collection, both sides of the quilt feature the wave pattern. Available in Grey Mist only.

  • Misty Sand Dollar Quilt


    This design was inspired by our family tradition of searching for sand dollars on the beaches of Cape Cod. The sand dollar shape inspired not only this design but also our company’s logo. We chose colors that were soft and reminiscent of the nautical landscapes of Cape Cod. 100% Cotton Voile with Cotton Batting. NOTE: “Sea Glass” color has been discontinued. Product is available in Periwinkle and Grey Mist only.

  • Natasha’s Coverlet

    The artful simplicity of hand stitching on a solid background will adapt to any decorating style. The edges of Natasha’s Coverlet are finished in a blanket stitch and the fabric is 100% cotton voile, filled with 100% cotton batting. Matching Pillow Shams are also available.


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