Sarina's Slub Sleeveless Floral Tunic



Block printed by hand in Jaipur India, this print comes to life on breathable 100% cotton fiber. Feel airy and light in a timeless style and flattering silhouette, offered in sizes XS - L.

Simple and sophisticated. A classic design with our signature details is sure to elevate your wardrobe.


We created this silhouette to feel light and airy while still showing off your shape and figure. Each Tunic is bordered with a floral print using bold colors complimenting the solid shades of each tunic. A favorable cut showcasing a long neckline with eyelet clips so you can adjust the length and opening to fit your style. This tunic has enough length to comfortably shape your waist, and will have you feeling cool and confident.


Suchiras finds beauty in subtle imperfections. Look closely and you can be sure each one of our products are hand printed one block at a time. A unique floral design can be found around the neckline, shoulders and inside the slits on each side. As always Suchiras makes sure there is beauty and thought behind every inch of your tunic!


In an eco friendly approach our tunics are printed on natural cotton fiber material. Our cotton is breathable, hypo-allergenic and moisture wicking. Making it perfect for year round use. We can’t wait for you to try it!